COLOP Printer Replacement Pad E/20

5,00 €
The COLOP E/20 spare pad is ideal for a Printer 20 or Printer C 20. The replacement pads can be used with the previous Printer 20 models too. The spare pads have the same robust plastics used in their construction as the original ones do. COLOP recommends not to re-ink an old pad but to exchange it with a new spare pad, thus the COLOP spare pads are perfect for Printer which have fading text. Allowing COLOP Printers to undertake continued use - time after time - the ink pads need to be changed. The high-quality ink does not smear, so clean stamping can be expected. E/20 spare pads come in a choice of no less than five standard colours. The high quality ink is document proof, non toxic and anti dry out formula.
Handle Colors none
Pad Colors none
Shape of Imprint rectangular
Has date field (or figures) No

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